Wolf Engine

Developed from scratch since 2015 by the Wolferos Team, the Wolf Engine has undergone numerous modifications and improvements since its creation.

Originally created as a learning tool in order to learn mobile world's new methods of rendering and controls (OpenGL ES, Shaders, Multi-Touch, Gyroscopic Control, etc.), it was then adapted to master multi-platform environments (Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS and Android).

To test the engine, it was decided to make prototype mobile games, the first of which was Silent U-Boat: Atlantic Hunter, a 2.5D submarine game, followed shortly by two 3D runners (Titanic: The Unsinkable and Space Shuttle: Meteor Impact).

The Wolferos Team continued to improve its engine with the aim of making a game based on the Space Conquest as well as a WW2 Arcade Flight Simulator.
These projects were both canceled in 2017 in order to free up time to modernize and improve the Wolf Engine (support of VAO/VBO, Skeletal Animation, Tesselation, etc.) so that it can meet the many needs of the future real-time Grand Strategy game Fields of History: The Great War.